The future is here with LG

It feels good to live in a space that gives the ambience and feel of the inner you. Think that you should be living a stress-free life where convenience meets you at every corner? Then LG is where you should be. We have different technologies incorporated in our products to distinguish us from what’s in the market. These technologies are what have revolutionized the normal households and given them a new lease of life, life greater than any other. These technologies have made life easier and more economical. Let’s take a look at some of our recent products to enter into the market and what kind of possibilities they bring a household.

LG Wallpaper TV

The art of minimalistic design

The art of minimalistic design

When you think of a TV what comes to mind. Nowadays, people think of a flat screen TV, some even go further to think about the curved OLED TVs. But now new technologies are making it possible to come up with even thinner TVs, think 2.7mm thick. That seems crazy but that is what the LG Signature wallpaper TV with an OLED display is and much more. For the sci-fi lovers, it will be a sight to behold as it gives the illusion of floating on air. This is because all the core components of the TV are not on the TV panel but can be found on the Dolby Atmos Sound bar underneath.

The sound bar houses 4 HDMI ports, 3 USB connections and an optical audio port. Apart from experiencing perfect real to life picture quality on the TV and powerful sound from the sound bar, the TV lives up to its name of looking like a wallpaper. It’s ability to hang on a wall like a museum painting will give your entertainment space a more sophisticated look when on and also when off. It is much more than just a TV.

The LG TwinWashTM Washing Machine

The LG TwinWash Washing Machine

Simplicity in the wash

When buying a washing machine, you go for one with a large capacity that will fit the household’s laundry in one or two washes. This is great especially if you have a big family. But what about when you have two or three items of clothing that need to get in the wash immediately, what do you do? Do you wait for a few more days so the load can be bigger or do you just throw them in and hope that you are not wasting too much water and electricity?

The LG TwinWashTM Washing Machine washing machine has a smaller compartment, the LG SideKickTM that can take up a few laundry pieces. This will ensure that you look sharp in your interview tomorrow or that red carpet event two nights later. This compartment gives you the freedom of washing two loads at once. You can have normal laundry washing up in the front load compartment and the delicates washing up in the LG SideKickTM compartment. If you are too busy then you can send it some washing commands through a Wi-Fi connection and it will get on with the washing as you enjoy the latest episode if Game of Thrones. Life made easier.

LG Neochef™ Microwave Oven

If there is one place people don’t like spending time, especially after a long day at work, is the kitchen. You always want to be in and out but at the same time have a sumptuous meal. This is why we came up with the LG NeochefTM microwaves. Through the smart inverter technology, you can cook anything from fresh vegetables to making bread. It gives you a wide arena for creativity when it comes to cooking. It defrosts and heats up everything in a very precise manner getting to up to 93% of the surface area while a normal convectional microwave defrosts only 76% of the food in the same amount of time.

It also has an EasyCleanTM  feature with antibacterial coating that makes it easy to clean the microwave in as few as three strokes. As for its design, it has a minimalist design with a glass panel with SmoothTouchTM that gives you easy access to controls on a flat panel. It makes work easier when it’s on and gives your kitchen a sophisticated look with its design every time.

With LG electronics, you always have the best of both worlds, beauty and superior performance. LG, Life is Good.